How secure is your Information System?

Today businesses are operating in the Internet environment with over 490,000 malware floating around the net per day! Everyday more sophisticated attacks such as polymorphic malware, malware injected in paid advertising and ransom-ware are designed and deployed by hackers throughout the Internet.

Therefore cyber security and Network and Information security are becoming extremely vital and essential for any business today.

Ransomware Damages Cost 1$ Billion in 2016 and $5 Billion in 2017

Do You See the Trend?


Information systems can always be affected by security incidents, such as human mistakes, natural events, technical failures or malicious attacks. These incidents are becoming bigger, more frequent, and more complex. As such, network and Information security management is increasingly important to any business operations.

Lack of Network and Information security can compromise the vital services depending on the integrity of network and information systems. As a consequence, it can stop business functioning and generate substantial financial losses for the company.

The resilience and stability of network and information systems is therefore essential to the completion of company’s smooth functioning of data processing and business processes as a whole.

Government contracting places additional protection and security obligations on government suppliers and vendor's capability that should ensure security of DoD shared information and specific incident reporting requirements.

A step-change is therefore needed in the way Network and Information security is designed, implemented, monitored and reported.

Proactive Remote Monitoring: provides remote monitoring of your systems and networking that triggers alerts to be sent to designated people to inform them about the found vulnerability.  

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November 22, 2017

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