IT Support for Clinical HealthCare

The need of medical informatics has been attributed since early 1900s. Clinical healthcare quality and research require a strong and affirmative analysis on diagnosis and case studies. The US agency of Healthcare first realized and launched IT initiatives in 1969 that include:

  • Specific IT components
  • Application of IT in clinical research networks
  • Researches transformation into clinical practices through IT

Since decades, IT services have been successfully applied in clinical healthcare solutions, especially for general physicians, doctors and surgical endorsements.

Clinical IT System to Support the Safety of the Patient Information

The enthusiasm generated for patient safety and informatics research carried by IT solutions helped physicians in the form of automated medical record systems, computerized decision support tools, and digital prescribing applications. Additional vicinities of IT supported research integrated recreational strategies for education and training, error alert systems, database applications and biometric technology. We have decades of experience in providing IT services for healthcare industry and supported software such as CGM.  

Software Implementation

IT has provided an easy access to manage clinical healthcare services such as Software Assisted Medicine CGM / Disease Management Platform. Practice management software keeps medical offices efficiently running with online solutions for billing, scheduling and other effective medical and commerce processes. 

Network Communication and Disease Management System

IT resources have been significantly optimized to form a web-based communication and disease management system that provides clinical information and assist communication during emergency response situations. The purpose is to facilitate doctors and physicians on a global level. An innovative development of a prototype medical monitoring device enabled via Bluetooth to collect, analyze and transmit patient’s data is established and soon revealed to world health care providers. It will also alert patients and providers to potential problems, weight scale, thermometer and glucose monitor.

Conversion of Research into Practice

Clinical healthcare practices require good scientific evidence of impacts and outcomes before implementing medical strategies and treatments. The quality of care could be affected if the proper studies of well conducted trials are not available. A medical strategy could require an average span of 17 years for evidence based research before standard clinical application. IT has reduced this space through awareness in knowledge management. IT application tools have enhanced implementation and transformation by spreading important research findings in clinical practice.


Based on our many years in-field experience in providing IT services for clinical healthcare solutions, especially for general physicians, doctors and surgical endorsements, Information technology has played an important role in harnessing the potential of Healthcare services in clinical, informatics, communication, and quality as well as efficiency genre. Doctors and physicians have gained major assistance from IT in their medical practice. The functional solutions of IT in giving the complexity of clinical medicine have become inevitable. And it’s on the rise with associating with healthcare quality improvement and Bizconnectors is here to support your business to go to the next level.


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November 22, 2017

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