Professional Website Design for Business

Who is this solution designed for?
We believe that building and marketing a high quality website takes time and dedicated skilled resources.

If you are looking for a company that can build your website in a few minutes, our company is probably not right company for you.

Why select Bizconnectors?
Bizconnectors is a professional website design and web solution provider that builds modern websites. Our design looks professional, is affordable, and integrates your marketing plan and strategy into every step of the building process.

Our solution provides a unique way to build an end-to-end solution that integrates hosting, maintenance, and updating the core application. It also integrates your marketing goals by making it search engine friendly, as well as, visitor friendly. This is the model that we have been developing since 2001.


What makes Bizconnectors different?
Our hosting package covers whole lot more than a simple hosting that lots of other companies provide. Online marketing, dedicated email address, basic content updates, basic feel and look customization and more are all included in our hosting package.

We make sure that we build your solution to be very responsive to your business goals and needs. We make sure that the solution is developed according to your organization goals. We hold your hand through the online marketing process, to reach your audience.

Responsive service-oriented customer care that understands you and takes your concerns seriously.

Need consultation to make a decision?
We will show you how we can build your website around your requirements and answer all your questions.

To discuss your requirements and your needs, provide us with basic information about your organization and your business goals, along with your contact information using the form "Need consultation to make a decision" below or call us at: 866-745-0980

What is included in the standard website?

  • Online Marketing (Basic)
  • Your Dedicated Business Email Address 
  • Custom Design (Basic)
  • Content Updates (Basic)
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Web Based Content Management
  • User Registration & Authentication
  • Feature Customization (Basic)
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting
  • FREE Life-time Application Update / Upgrade
  • 24x7 Email Support
  • 8x5 Phone Support

How much does it cost to get started?
You might need several custom made features that require planning and software development. Or more common features such as: an online store, forum, blog, fancy design or special marketing requirements.

Our standard website provides a very affordable and robust platform to build your custom made features now or in the future:
Setup fee: $199.00
Monthly hosting plan: $49.00
Annual hosting plan: $539.00

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Getting started with your new web project is easy. Select the Setup fee and click "Buy Now" below. You will then be directed to the website where you can review and complete your order. Immediately after you order is processed, we will contact you for basic information about your business and requirements. Our team of designers, developers and consultants will then start working on your website project. Once your website is built according to your requirements, we will launch your website.


Every big company was small once. Grow your business.

March 30, 2017
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