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February 23, 2018

Online Marketing Strategies

A website with no visitors is like a newspaper that has no readers. A website success is measured by number of visitors and even more importantly the number of conversions of those visitors and prospects to customers.  

There are following strategies in terms of online marketing that are available to any website owner:

(A)   Basic SEO: Long Term Results - Included in Bizconnectors Hosting Package

The first step is to find some basic information about your target market.

Start with right keywords and terms that your audiences and prospects are using in their search to find products and services that you provide. Also, locations where your target prospects are looking for to find services and product that you want to target. This can be all cities that you are looking for finding leads.

We will analyze these terms, keyword and locations, after which we will inject them into your website. We will then create your sitemap and keep it updated with these keywords and terms that will be submitted to search engines on a regular basis. Once Search engines index your website, they will show your website in their search results. We will also create performance reports for how well these keywords and terms are doing.

This service is included with Bizconnectors Hosting Package.

(B) Advanced SEO: Long Term Results - Monthly Flat Fee

This service provides you with everything included in Basic SEO and whole series of comprehensive SEO activities that involve but not limited to: Social network marketing, blogging, backlinks, landing pages design, directory submission, content optimization, in depth analysis of your target keywords, terms, locations and more.

This is an ongoing service that keeps your online marketing campaigns alive in order to bring and keep your website on top of the first page of the search results.

You would get an organic top position on search results that can bring lots of visitors to your website. You get many leads not only from the Search Engines but from other websites that refer visitors to your website.

While this strategy is a long term investment that could produce lots of business for you, it can be very tricky on times.

The downside of this online marketing strategy is that your success is highly depending on Search Engines and Social Networking business strategies.

Think about it: Google, Bing and Yahoo do not make any money out of organic search results! Think about this scenario: you spend many months and lots of money to bring your website to the top of the search results. However, Google or other SE may update or change their ranking algorithms without a notice, after which it could cause your website ranking and position severely suffer. The ranking of your website can significantly change. It could mean that your website disappears from search results, all depending on those changes! Please search on Google to find articles about what happened to 100000s of websites and their top ranking positions, after Google algorithm change code name Penguin.

Your costs vary depending on how comprehensive SEO operations you choose to apply to your online marketing.

(C) Pay Per Click (PPC) - Instant Results - Managed Costs

With PPC marketing strategy your campaigns produce results instantly from day one and you control the costs!

When your prospects search on Google or Bing by your target terms and keywords, your ad will be displayed on the right column, or top section of the search result page or somewhere on the social network page. When your prospects click on your ad they will be directed to a page on your website to view your business information about how to order, purchase or sign up for your products and services. Depending on which publisher your ad was clicked on typically Google, Yahoo, Bing or a social network website, they will then charge you for that click. The costs for each click varies based on how competitive the keyword is.

You control how much money you would like to spend on your PPC campaigns. The cost is 100% controlled by you, by setting limits on how much money you would like to spend per day. You can even control when, where and on which devices your ad should be displayed. You can select on which devices like smart-phones or desktops your ad should be displayed. The time period during the day when your ads will be active and the specific locations where your ads will be displayed like cities, states and countries. Remember, you will only be charged when your ads are clicked. Displaying your ads on the search results costs you nothing. 

There are series of analyses that need to be done before you launch your PPC campaigns. If they are not designed well, PPC marketing can be a very expensive method of marketing that may have low or no ROI producing a very poor result. On the other hand, a well maintained PPC campaign that constantly is monitoring its ads and keywords performances,  can produce amazing results.  

For a low monthly fee we will manage everything from initial analysis, PPC campaign design, keyword analysis, performance analysis and tuning, reporting and budget management for you. We will design your PPC campaigns with specific keywords and terms for the week days, time period and the locations you target. 

(D) Pay Per Impression (PPI) - Instant Results - Managed Costs

There is another model called pay per impression. Your costs will be related to number of times your ads are displayed on the search results.  While this model could be effective for some businesses it could be a waste of money for others. If you expect lots of clicks on your ads, this model could be a better online marketing solution for you. Our online marketing consultants can help you to choose the right model for your business.


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