Cyber Attacks And Attackers Are Evolving FAST!

Cyber Attacks and Attackers Are Evolving FAST!

How to stay ahead of this trend while protecting your mission-critical assets i.e. data and resources?

In other words, what is your strategy to protect your mission-critical data and systems in your organization?

Imagine this: it is Monday morning and you are at work for a busy week ahead with many important emails and meetings to attend to. You turn on your PC but you can’t see your icons, emails, and normal desktop. Instead, you see a message about your entire data having been encrypted and you must pay $X amount to get a decryption key from the attacker. 

You try to talk to your colleagues to see if you could use their PC. But soon realize that this is a company-wide problem! Just think about it how will that affect your business and your customer relationships?

Lots of things are going on behind the scene on your network that without 24/7 monitoring and continuous assessment will be impossible to identify and detect.

And just because your systems seem to be working right now does not mean that there are no vulnerabilities, breaches, or infections! Worse yet, an attacker could be collecting information about your network right now to prepare his attack to make it as effective as possible. When he is ready he will push the button.

To clarify let’s start with some basic questions:

  • Do you know how many devices are connected to your network? How many of those are acting as Open Gates for attackers?
  • What is your Organization’s Security Score? What is your security ranking?
  • How your security score stacks up against your competitors and more importantly against the recent cyberattackers’ strategies?
  • Did you know a simple IoT device (like a smart TV) can open your network to a host of cyber attacks!!


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As we know to solve a problem we first need to identify what the problem is! We cannot address vulnerabilities in an organization if we don’t know what they are! After helping many companies to develop their security strategy and policies and helping them implement and build their security layers we discovered that one strategy stands out that has proven to work: Continuous Monitoring and Security Assessment followed by continuously monitoring and fixing vulnerabilities.

Why continues you may ask… Because the network, devices, and users’ behavior are changing constantly, so do attacks and attackers’ strategies.

After each assessment, we would need to create a remediation plan for addressing the discovered vulnerabilities and compliance gaps!


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