Do you feel that the phishing emails are the ticking bombs ready to paralyze and cripple your business every day and you do not know how to mitigate this risk and avoid this situation?

93% Of Successful Security Breaches Start With Phishing!

Good News: there are ways to train your employees and stay ahead of cyber attackers.

Sending 100 million phishing emails is easy and costs close to nothing for the cyber attackers that target businesses. They target businesses because the payoffs are huge for them!

How Big Is The Risk?

Did you know that 93% of successful security breaches start with phishing! This is by f

ar the largest, most cost-effective and easiest way for the cyber attackers to get access to your systems and data.

Targeting medical practices, hospitals, accounting firms, law offices, financial service companies with intellectual property data, government suppliers and providers, businesses that have customer and credit card information, are some of the most attractive business types for cyber attackers.

Regulatory compliance is another area where your business will face fines anywhere from a few thousand to millions of dollars based on your industry and business size, compliance type, and of course the breach size! In a worst-case scenario, a government entity can dissolve your business because you did not meet the legal requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SEC, FINAR and so on.

What Can A Phishing Attacker Do?

Isn't it all about access?

Cyberattackers essentially design these attacks in various creative and complex ways to affect different types of users.

In addition to accessing your business-critical and financial data, if a phishing attack becomes successful, it can bring a single device or your entire network of computers and servers down and/or make them vulnerable by making them accessible to the attacker. And in most cases behind the scene!

They can then highjack the data or make the computer systems inaccessible to anyone but themselves! Once they have control over your systems, they can lock them, meaning that now they have the KEY and YOU would need to get permission to access your own systems! It sounds awful and scary, but it is true!

The Human Side Of Security Is The Weakest Link

Solution? Training Is The Key!

Effective on-going education can raise your employee’s awareness and help them to recognize a phishing email quickly. The effectiveness of this training is to use the available thread intelligence data to make them stay ahead of the cyber attacker’s creative ways to generate their phishing attacks and by continuously deliver new simulated real phishing attacks to everyone in your organization.  

It means, no more guesswork when encountering a phishing email, for everyone in your organization

How Does The Awareness-Training Program Work?

The training program platform provides attack simulation and phishing awareness training and continuously assesses individual employee behavior and skillsets through short simulated phishing scenarios. This prepares users to identify and mitigate all types of advanced email phishing threats, including those without links or attachments.

Easily provide enhanced on-going security awareness training to your employees. 

  • Training: measurable phishing awareness training
  • Evolving: constantly evolving to stay ahead of threats by collecting the data from the current phishing landscape and end-user intelligence is fed upstream for learning
  • Scores: unique employee scoring to prioritize champion reports
  • Campaigns: multi-level employee tailored campaigns

Real-World Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training at a Fixed Low Monthly Fee.


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The IAUP template includes:

  • 4 common rules that should always be included.
  • Detailed sample language for areas including system activities, email activities, blogging and social media
  • Sample definitions for security and proprietary information, general use and ownership and exactly what is acceptable and unacceptable in your company


Managed Security Awareness Training Pricing

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