Bizconnectors Support

We are here to help! Are you ready for the remote support?

Welcome to Bizconnectors Support. Please follow these steps so we can connect to your device remotely to troubleshoot and fix any issue you are experiencing:

  1. Make sure your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet.
  2. Call us at 866-745-0980 to get your Support Session ID.
  3. Click here to go to the website where you enter your Support Session ID and click Join Session.
  4. Click Download to download our remote support program into your device or computer that allows us to connect to it remotely. In Chrome, you will see the downloaded file at the bottom left side of your browser.
  5. When the download is completed click on it to run and install the program.

** Please note, this service is available only to our clients. If you are not currently a Bizconnectors client and need support, call 866-745-0980.

Bizconnectors Support