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Our clients have increased productivity while lowering their overall IT costs by up to 52.7% after switching to Bizconnectors IT Outsourcing Service!

IT Outsourcing Service

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

  • Dedicated Virtual CIO 
  • Strategic IT and technology planning and project management
  • Outsourcing help desk and service desk
  • Fully managed backup and disaster recovery
  • Managing IT assets, licenses and system administration
  • Managed network and cybersecurity
  • Fully managed compliance
  • Managing technology vendors including cloud, phone and broadband, business-critical software and applications vendors
  • Fully managed compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, and NIST
  • 24×7 support and full network monitoring and management
  • Flexible terms and fees that match your business needs
  • VoIP & PBX Support

A switch is all it takes to better operation.

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Jeff and Lisa built an amazing business from the ground up. Now they have over 53 employees and are growing 18.5% year after year. To support this growth rate, they realized that they need help from Technology to make this growth smooth and painless.

Since Jeff and Lisa are CPA’s and busy nurturing their customers, they have no time for dealing with computer and network issues and user support.  So they have signed a contract with an IT service provider to help them with all their growing technology needs and also make sure that everything just works!

After a few months, Jeff and Lisa find themselves spending more time managing their IT provider and are:

  • Frustrated with constant technology problems
  • Concerned about their phone voice quality
  • Frustrated with slow internet
  • Upset with lack of response when they need support
  • Felt nickeled and dimed by their IT company

Jeff and Lisa’s vision for company growth was in jeopardy and they thought to themselves enough is enough and finally decided to solve these problems.

After contacting 5 IT companies they discovered Bizconnectors. They contacted Bizconnectors because their whole process was easier and they provided a free consultation and technology assessment plus they had a total satisfaction guarantee. After Bizconnectors consultation and assessment, Jeff and Lisa realized that their current IT service provider is, in fact, liability and their IT systems are really in very bad shape and more importantly their network is wide open to hackers and viruses. They also learned that they could now save up to 32.6% on their IT costs

Jeff and Lisa now recommend Bizconnectors to their friends and business associates and ask them to give Bizconnectors a call to get a free consultation and technology assessment.

Enjoy business continuity, efficiency, and resiliency through:

IT Outsourcing Services By Expert Staff

Information technology outsourcing provides many benefits for businesses. Take a step to solve the human resource pain associated with the hiring and retention of new skilled IT staff while providing the flexibility to scale as your business grows. Outsourcing of your entire IT or part of it has never been easier through Bizconnectors Outsourcing Onboarding Process.

  • IT Services that adapts to your business and environment
  • Proactive 24×7 network monitoring coupled with preventive maintenance
  • Access to Enterprise-level Service Desk for all your employees 
  • Network security audit
  • Quick response time
  • Increased operational efficiency

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