Sales Manager



To grow the sales team in quality and quantity so that we meet or exceed organizational sales goals (created both quarterly and annually) with an overriding goal of $5 million in gross revenue growth in two years.


  1. To create and maintain our Sales Playbook so that it is 100% current and accurate; this may require updating on a weekly basis. Processes should include minimum activities, HPAs, scripts, how to use Infusionsoft (and be a CRM Sheriff), objection handling, how to follow up on a lead, etc.
  2. To train and coach the sales team to use our Sales Playbook so they meet or exceed their targets. That requires a weekly (group) sales meeting, daily huddles, 30 minutes a day in skill development and practice for each rep, listening to and reviewing calls with each rep, creating an action plan for hitting sales targets for each rep so they hit their goals and monitoring their activities, calls and process on a daily and weekly basis. This also requires monitoring and checking daily for compliance.
  3. To build the team by recruiting, interviewing and training new reps. The goal would be to have 3 appointment setters, 2 senior sales reps (consultative closers) who sell by appointment and via webinars and seminars, 2-3 junior sales reps who call on existing clients to fill seminars, follow up on inbound leads, consults that don’t close and clients who attended seminars and webinars where products were sold.


  • Ability to find, hire and train A players for the sales team.
  • Ability to be strategic about lead generation and finding new opportunities.
  • Ability to train and coach sales professionals to meet or exceed quota consistently.
  • Ability to build a productive team with zero drama, egos, dysfunction, etc.
  • Ability to be highly strategic and analytical with sales metrics, market share, pricing, etc.
  • Ability to learn and work fast and drive others to the same work ethic.

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  • Recruit and train new salespeople by placing ads, reviewing résumés, conducting interviews, negotiating salaries and hiring and onboarding those new reps.
  • Build the sales team:
    • appointment setters who are securing a minimum of specified sat appointments per month.
    • junior reps selling to existing accounts that are generating at least specified amout per month.
    • senior sales reps who can close a consultation sale, sell by webinar or seminar and are generating specified amout per month or more, for a total of specified amout per year.
  • Coach the sales team by running (minimum) a weekly group sales meeting, a daily huddle where at least one call is listened to and critiqued as a group, 30 minutes of practice per day per rep, a weekly book-club training and one-on-one meetings with each rep at least every other week or monthly to discuss performance and skill improvement and to create personal goals and plans for achievement.
  • Create monthly sales forecast and pipeline reports for all sales team.
  • Create monthly cost per lead and cost per sale summary report as well as reports on the conversion of lead, average sale and cost per lead from various marketing efforts.
  • Create and implement a member referral program and ensure it’s being implemented by the operations team and sales team.
  • Call to follow up on “appointment, no sale” to see how we can improve our sales presentation.
  • Assist in developing sales and bonus plans as well as spiffs to incentivize the sales team while maintaining profitability targets.
  • Create, manage and prepare monthly commission and bonus reports for payroll.
  • Track and monitor the inside sales team’s activities and performance and provide weekly reports on activities, sales generated and KPI metrics.
  • Create and maintain sales scripts and training documents for all aspects of sales, including appointment setting, following up on inbound leads, selling tickets and products, etc.
  • Check inbound leads weekly to ensure they are being followed up on accurately.
  • Run a weekly sales book club and study group for sales skills development.
  • Assist in resolving customer service issues, saving refund requests, etc.
  • Assist in developing the strategy for new products and additional revenue streams.
  • Be a “CRM Sheriff” to ensure accurate information is being stored, there are zero typos, notes are being created, the dialer is being used, etc.