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Managed Security Services

Did You Know That Ransomware Has Exploded Whopping 390% Between 2020-2022? 

Ransomware Damages Cost 137$ Billion in 2019 and $176 Billion in 2020! 

Average Cost To Recover From Ransomware Skyrocketed in 2020

Managed Security Services & Cyber Security Services Can Help

As the threat landscape becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s clear that a layered approach to cybersecurity is key to delivering superior results. By deploying layer security that extends endpoint protection into the network, we can ensure that most internet threats are blocked before they even reach our clients’ endpoints. With Managed Security Services deploying protection at the network edge and endpoint protection for network-connected devices, we can provide powerful, comprehensive security to our clients that is easy to manage and cost-effective.

What are the most known causes of ransomware infections?

  • Phishing emails
  • Lack of employee cybersecurity training

How serious is the threat of ransomware for small and medium businesses?

  • Cybercrime is expected to cost companies $6 trillion worldwide by 2021
  • Ransomware has cost US small businesses $75 Billion in downtime
  • 63% ransomware attack leads to business threatening downtime
  • 48% ransomware infection leads to loss of business-critical data

FBI reports show that ransomware was the most pervasive threat of 2016. On average, 4,000 ransomware attacks occurred every day in 2016, and costs might add up to $60 billion. This trend continued all through 2017 and with ransomware being so profitable, there is no doubt it will continue to be a threat in 2018. 

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Information systems are constantly affected by security incidents, such as human mistakes, natural events, technical failures or malicious attacks. These incidents are becoming bigger, more frequent, and more complex. As such, network and information security management are increasingly important to any business operations.

Lack of network and information security can compromise the vital services depending on the integrity of network and information systems. Consequently, it could stop the business from functioning and could generate substantial financial losses for the company.

The resilience and stability of network and information systems are therefore essential to the completion of the company’s smooth functioning of data processing and business processes as a whole.

Government contracting places additional protection and security obligations on government suppliers and vendor’s capability that should ensure the security of DoD shared information and specific incident reporting requirements.

A step-change is therefore needed in the way network and information security are designed, implemented, monitored and reported.

What is the best solution?

We believe that organizations need to start with the basic IT Security measures followed by building up the multi layer security measures (systems, policies, behaviors). Next, perform regular pro-active network security audits to confirm that those security measures have addressed all of the external and internal vulnerabilities.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security #1 solution for ransomware protection are backup and disaster recovery solution!

A well-maintained business continuity and disaster recovery solution can drastically lower the risk and costs of ransomware by limiting downtime.


What is Managed Security Services and how can it benefit my business?

Bizconnectors Security Services through on-going security monitoring and assessment exposes threats and vulnerability and keeps your systems in check! With our security monitoring, network tools and reporting service, we can ensure that most internet threats are blocked before they even reach your endpoints. We will also keep an eye on a wide array of security reports and alerts such as:

  • Anomalous Login
  • External Vulnerability Scan Detail
  • External Vulnerability Scan Detail by Issue
  • External Vulnerability Summary
  • Outbound Security
  • Security Policy Assessment
  • Share Permission Report by Computer
  • Share Permission Report by User
  • User Behavior Analysis
  • Login History by Computer
  • Login Failures by Computer
  • Data Breach Liability

We dive deep into the policies, systems, and behavior to identify aspects of security that need immediate change or corrections. Once we identify any risk, we will immediately start working on solutions that address these issues to provide a more secure environment for your whole organization.

Enjoy business continuity, efficiency, and resiliency!

Today businesses are operating in the Internet environment with over 500,000 malware floating around the net per day! Over the last 4 years, threats have been accelerating at a compounding rate and every day more sophisticated attacks such as polymorphic malware, malware injected in paid advertising and ransomware are designed and deployed by hackers throughout the Internet.

Therefore, cybersecurity, network, and information technology security are becoming extremely vital and essential for any business today.


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Proactive Remote Monitoring: provides remote monitoring of your systems and networking that triggers alerts to be sent to designated people to inform them about the found vulnerability. 

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Identify Your Network Vulnerabilities Now! Its Free And Confidential

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