Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Solution

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Solution

Did you know that 57% of small businesses have experienced an attack in the past year?

Remember that just because your systems are currently running does not mean that they are not infected with backdoors for hackers! Therefore,  non-stop protection requires non-stop vulnerability assessment and remediation that includes ongoing cybersecurity guards and protection.

A breach is costly in terms of money, time, and more importantly your company’s reputation. So preparing your business and developing a strategy to stop falling victim to cyberattacks BEFORE a breach happens is a logical course of action for any organization.

Advanced Managed Security Service is designed to help your organization achieve this quickly and efficiently and help to identify vulnerabilities in your organization and fix them before attackers find them.

Advanced Managed Security Service Key Benefits:

  • Multi-layer security and proactive protection
  • Ongoing vulnerability risk assessment, mitigation & remediation
  • Comply with cyber insurance & regulatory compliance requirements
  • Automatic vulnerabilities detection and action-oriented insight
  • Frees in-house IT for daily value-driven work
  • Reducing the cost of labor for managing cybersecurity solutions
  • Gain peace of mind

Key Features:

  • Deploying the solid zero-trust thread protection strategy
  • Advanced threats monitoring
  • Rapid incident response & event investigation
  • Fast response times
  • Have access to unique expertise and tools
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) & Log Management Insights

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