VoIP For Business & VoIP Phone System

VoIP For Business – The Modern Phone System At A Fraction Of Traditional Phone Systems Cost

Looking For A Modern Phone and PBX Solution For Your Business? VoIP & Software-based PBX Is Your Answer

We have partnered with top 100 carriers & VoIP providers to bring you the best business-class VoIP solutions and cutting your phone costs 

UP TO 67%

VoIP For Business & VoIP Phone System

VoIP Reliability Build for Business

Benefits Of our VoIP For Business Solutions Are Obvious: With ZERO Cost To You, We Will:

We will research the availability of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and broadband  (if needed) service packages from many of our providers in your area based on your business needs and requirements. Then we will collect the best quotes and negotiate prices from these providers for you. We would also walk you through the whole process of selecting to deploying VoIP in your organization. Our services include:

  • Review of your current broadband and phone bills
  • Assess your needs and requirements
  • Make sure you get the best result and do not run into surprises after purchase, we will create a VoIP ready assessment on your existing network and infrastructure before purchase
  • Collect and evaluate proposals from VoIP providers technically and price-wise (and broadband provides if needed)
  • Help to select the best solution based on your requirements and budget
  • Help you with technical advice if needed

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Read this guide to discover the right questions to ask to cut through the technical mumbo-jumbo and marketing hype to find an easy-to-use phone system that delivers everything you need without excessive costs, frustration and problems.

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What are your needs?

Bizconnectors offers a convenient way to reduce the complexity associated with finding the best VoIP solution for your business

The first step to consider a new phone system is to identify your communication needs for the type of business your run, type of users, organization size and your business growth plans. What are the key voice communication requirements that your organization needs to meet now and in the future? Do you have or will need a call center? Do you need video conferencing or web meeting? Do you need integration with a CRM system? Do you need features provided by a PBX? If yes, Hosted PBX, In-house software-based PBX or hardware PBX?  What are the costs? 

Understanding the modern features and evaluating their operational impact would better guide you through determining your needs. 

Comparing all types of PBX, software-based PBX and some of the hosted PBX provide efficiency and greater flexibility that are just not possible or available with a hardware-based PBX. For instance system upgrade and integration with applications to name a few!

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VoIP, Digital or Analog Phone Systems? 

Consider this situation: Your business is growing and you just hired a new VP of Sales to drive your business growth. You need a new extension for your new VP, who needs a direct line, mobility, web conferencing and integration to your CRM system. The complexity and cost to meet all of these requirements on an analog phone system if even possible would be huge compared to a digital phone system. 

If you are looking for superior cost savings, great flexibility, mobility, easier upgrade path, more advanced features and integration with existing and future business systems such as CRM, messaging, and social networking, undoubtedly the answer is the VoIP Phone System.

Unlimited Calling to US and Canada + 23 International Destinations 

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VoIP For Business & VoIP Phone System

Getting advanced features that costs thousands of dollars on a traditional phone system is now included in a very low- cost VoIP For Business solutions. For instance, Automated Attendant that eliminates the need for a live receptionist. This is not the only feature included in a modern VoIP system. Here is a list of 10 most used features:

  • Softphone that you can install on all your devices such as mobile phone, PC and tablets – no need for the additional phone handset 
  • Voice Continuity: allow customers to protect their voice services, just like they do their data. During an interruption, these policies help ensure that phone service is maintained, operations resume quickly, and the company minimizes the impact on its bottom line
  • Auto-Attendant: or digital receptionist is a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through an operator or receptionist
  • Shared Inboxes, which allows business teams to communicate with customers via text message from a single business line.
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Hold & Transfer  
  • Call Recording  
  • Caller ID
  • Call Screening  
  • Call Flip
  • Digital Voicemail

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Phone System

There are major considerations when selecting a phone system or replacing the existing phone system for your organization. There are 3 basic steps:

  1. What are my business needs?  
  2. Which system to use: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), digital or analog phone system?
  3. What are the modern phone systems features and how to evaluate their operational impact?

A convenient way to reduce the complexity associated with finding answers to all these questions is to request our FREE Assessment. We are here to help!

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We review your broadband and phone bills to get your new:

VoIP For Business and Internet Bundle

Simplify and save money with one bundled VoIP phone and Internet service. Broadband Service providers usually offer great savings when services are bundled. So if your company has not visited your Internet or phone bills for a long time, now is the time to look and get some quotes that will save you lots of money. For most of our clients, we were able to get a much faster Internet and get a new bundle for their phone system that almost reduced their total bill with 50%. There are many options available to upgrade your phone and PBX system to a VoIP and Software-based PBX phone system. Contacting us is the fastest way to see how a modern VoIP phone system can provide a series of features and at the same time save you money!

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