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How Can A Skillful vCIO Help Your Organization?

Virtual CIO Service – Are you looking for technology leadership, project-based executive expertise or to develop your company’s strategic technology roadmap to meet your company’s vision?

And take the hassle of finding, hiring and retaining the right fit CIO off your plate?

Have an experienced skilled CIO joining your executive team and ONLY at a fraction of the cost and effort? Avoid Costly Leadership Gap

Virtual CIO Service - Bizconnectors

Bizconnectors Virtual CIO Service & Chief Information Officer Consulting Key Benefits

  • Provide strategic input into the business strategy development leveraging information technologies
  • Advise the officers and Board of Directors regarding key information technology trends
  • Establish strategic directions for IT systems
  • Manage on-going systems support and maintenance
  • Manage systems implementations and upgrade projects
  • Manage staff development
  • Manage departmental administration

How May We Help You?

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  2. We will have a conversation that will lead to understanding your needs and concerns.
  3. Allow us to create a customized plan.
  4. Let’s execute the plan together.

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Virtual CIO Service & Chief Information Officer Consulting Costs

Every business has a unique set of requirements when it comes to a CIO rule in their organization. The industry, company size, revenue size, growth goals are essentially dictating the responsibilities of the CIO. We will be happy to discuss your company’s unique requirements to help us better estimate the work involved and to provide you with our vCIO service pricing.

Don’t wait and put your business vision on hold!

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Are you looking for a solution that takes the hassle of finding, hiring and retaining the right fit CIO off your plate? Bizconnectors virtual CIO is exactly what you need! You will have your dedicated CIO with over 34 years experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring and retaining an in-house employed CIO

Look At Technology As Your Innovation And Expansion Strategy

What Is A CIO And What Are His or Her Core Responsibilities?

vCIO stands for Virtual Chief Information Officer. In general terms, a company’s CIO is an executive resource that is responsible for the management, implementation, and usability alignment of information and computer technologies to achieve the company’s business objectives. In addition, a CIO’s job is to innovate, collaborate and balance the IT budget and motivate and lead the IT staff.   A CIO day to day main focus is to manage the infrastructure for business operations and accordingly advise the officers and executive leadership regarding key information technology trends.

A CIO competency requires a unique combination of business, people, and technology related skills. This set of skills makes a skilled CIO invaluable for any organization. A skillful and experienced CIO pays close attention to the challenges the company face and not making every conversation about technology.

Why Is A CIO An Important & Invaluable Resource?

Just as it isn’t prudent to run a business without solid legal or accounting advice, it’s also not prudent to run an organization without solid IT advice. Your CIO work with you on budgeting and planning for IT, as well as protecting your business from lost data, downtime, ransomware, disgruntled employees, regulatory action from non-compliance and a whole HOST of problems that can result from poor IT planning and management.
Today a CIO not only oversees the existing infrastructure, but their unique skillset ideally enables them also to help achieve the company’s vision, strategic goals and business objectives.

The company’s CIO brings the strategic advantage that allows all information technology policies to originate from a single source. This enables CIO and the company as a whole to identify technological needs, as well as streamline the implementation of various projects and operational procedures.

Advantages of Virtual CIO (vCIO) vs. Employed CIO

There are numerous advantages of having a vCIO vs hiring one:

Salary: Considering the average cash compensation for a CIO and size of the company the most common salary for a CIO ranges from $190,000 to $250,000+

Retention: The average tenure for a CIO ranges from 4 to 4.5 years depending on the industry.

Hiring Challenges: In recent years we have seen an increase in strong demand for IT talents. Today most companies facing the challenges of finding, hiring and retaining IT talents and specially experienced CIOs.

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