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Cost-effective & Transparent Managed IT Services Pricing: Comprehensive Fully Managed IT Services For Business (One Flat Fee)

Plans start as low as $417 /m

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Managed IT Services. Instead, our pricing for Managed IT Services is tailored specifically to your organization’s unique needs, determined through a comprehensive assessment. Managed IT Services pricing takes into account numerous factors, including the complexity of your infrastructure, security measures, backup and business continuity systems, adherence to regulatory compliance, and the distinctive requirements of your industry and organization. Accurate pricing centers on this customized approach. For instance, a company mandated by stringent regulatory compliance, with an in-house IT department, has vastly different requirements and needs compared to a business with a small remote workforce relying on cloud-hosted applications.

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PrimeCare Technology Solutions - Essentials

Includes Next-Gen Anti-Virus, Cloud Backup, Help Desk, On-going Maintenance and On-site Support,...

IT Essential Services your organization needs. Keep your systems up-to-date, supported, well-maintained, diagnosed, and free of common problems, with the friendly help desk. 

Managed IT Services encompass a vital array of essential services to efficiently manage an organization’s information technology infrastructure. These services are designed to ensure that the organization’s IT systems operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently. They include help desk and technical support to assist end-users, proactive monitoring to detect and address potential issues before they become critical, and ongoing maintenance and patch management to keep software and operating systems up to date. Managed IT Services – Essentials help your organization streamline your IT operations, enhance security, and plan for future growth and technological advancements. Tailored to each organization’s unique needs, these services are essential for modern businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Plans start at $417 /m

PrimeCare Technology Solutions - Premium

Includes All Features in Essentials + Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Managed Detection and Response (MDR),...

Managed IT Services – Premium is our security-focused package that provides robust protection for your organization. With advanced email security, spam filtering, data loss prevention, a disaster recovery plan, and more, you benefit from enhanced defenses against cyber threats. Our solution safeguards your data, and proactively detects and responds to security incidents. This comprehensive approach minimizes risks, reduces downtime, and fortifies your organization’s resilience in today’s evolving threat landscape, bolstering overall cybersecurity posture. Enhance your IT security with our comprehensive Managed IT Security solution, featuring advanced email security, spam filtering, email data loss prevention, a disaster recovery plan, SIEM, MDR, zero-trust endpoint protection, Dark Web Monitoring, Employees’ Security Awareness Training and an acceptable user policy document.

Plans start at $567 /m

PrimeCare Technology Solutions - Premium Plus

Includes All Features in Premium + Security Information and regulatory compliance management (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS) and virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer),...

Managed IT Services – Premium Plus elevates your security with our Compliance-Focused Managed IT Services solution. We specialize in regulatory compliance management (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS), conducting assessments and audits to ensure compliance. Our services encompass security governance, compliance reporting, and the expertise of a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer). We prioritize risk assessment and management, offering ongoing security assessments, vulnerability scans, and remediation. With security awareness training focused on compliance, we empower your team to safeguard sensitive data. Plus, our email encryption shields confidential information, reinforcing your organization’s commitment to compliance and data protection.

Plans start at $747 /m

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