IT Services For Companies With More Than 351 Employees

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IT Services For Companies with More Than 351 Employees

Discover reliable and specialized IT Services that fit your company’s needs and size!

IT Services For Companies With More Than 351 Employees

IT Service & IT Support Strategically Designed For Businesses With More Than 351 Employees 

As a mid-sized business owner, you are facing a lot of challenges that require your immediate attention. Uninterrupted Adaptive Managed IT Services can effectively take these challenges off your plate.

But How?

Technology and computer infrastructure could really add more frustration and road-blocks to achieving your business objectives, if not designed and managed well or utilized effectively.

We have designed Uninterrupted Adaptive Managed IT Services for businesses with more than 351 employees to help business owners, general managers and IT managers gain peace of mind and eliminate IT and technology issues quickly and cost-effectively.

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All The Benefits At One Low Fixed Monthly Rate

There are too many variables across all the clients’ requirements and environments to even think to have one single pricing that fits all. Each client’s environment, business object, and requirements are unique. A simple example is that some clients need support only during business hours. Some others need 24/7 support including weekends and holidays.

However, with our company, you won’t have to pay different fees every time you need support or for every single service. Instead, we will design one flat-fee managed service package unique to your needs, requirements and environment, so you just pay one fixed monthly fee for all your IT systems support, IT system design, maintenance and monitoring, and Technology vendor management for your organization.

With Bizconnectors Adaptive Uninterrupted Managed IT Services you only pay one low monthly fee and you get complete access to all of our services, which include on-site and off-site support, email and phone support. In addition, with non-stop support and immediate help for any issue, we provide proactive IT services that will continuously monitor your systems and perform maintenance when needed remotely. 

In addition to these services, a number of related services available that can be included as needed:

  • Virtual CIO: dedicated senior CIO to develop, maintain and manage company’s technology strategy, vision, as well as policies, budget and resource planning
  • Fixed Price Projects: such as migration, software integration or upgrades
  • Managed Security Services: assessments and managing network security and regulatory compliance audit 
  • Compliance as Servicemanaging on-going compliance with regulatory compliance such as PCI, HIPAA and NIST

We will happily answer any questions you have and we will start working together to help your business to meet its business objects.

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IT Services For Companies With More Than 351 Employees – What Is Included?

The concept behind the Uninterrupted Adaptive Managed IT Services (UAMIS) is to provide a flexible solution that best fits your business objectives and also doesn’t break the bank. UAMIS is a new way to provide targeted services for each client that will fit their unique needs, environment and business objectives at a price that makes sense to their budget.

Uninterrupted Adaptive Managed IT Services come in 3 packages: Basic, Premium and Premium Plus. Below, we have listed our recommended services that most commonly used by a business with more than 351 employees. Our quick need assessment of your existing systems, your business objectives, and your budget will determine which services need to be added or removed from this list:

  • A fix, predictable monthly service fee – no hidden costs
  • Develop and manage IT strategy and roadmap including IT senior-level consulting
  • Proactive preventive services instead of reactive IT support
  • Unlimited remote help desk and on-site support
  • Technology business review and strategic roadmap planning
  • Executive IT & technology status reports
  • Dedicated lead consultant, so you see the same faces every time
  • Microsoft Office 365 licenses & support
  • Microsoft Office 365 backup
  • Microsoft OS patch management sandboxing
  • Workstations Microsoft Windows upgrade
  • Business continuity backup solution ensures quick data recovery for your employee to access servers and applications in case of server down situation
  • Business continuity backup restore test & verification
  • Spare Server Setup
  • Microsoft Windows Server upgrade
  • Manage branch offices connectivity & managed SD-Wan
  • Manage VoIP and sPBX
  • Microsoft Windows Server upgrade
  • Spare workstation setup
  • Cybersecurity training for employees
  • Backup data restore test & verification
  • Develop and manage the Disaster Recovery Plan
  • IT assets management – software licenses, printers, network devices and systems
  • Develop & manage comprehensive Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP)
  • Proactive 24×7 network monitoring
  • Managing backup and recovery – onsite and offsite, includes software and $200GB cloud backup storage
  • Managing device security – includes Anti-virus, Anti-malware and Anti-spyware software licenses
  • Managing your firewall – gateway security, content filtering and intrusion prevention
  • Managing your email spam filtering includes spam filtering service
  • Managing email encryption includes email encryption service
  • Dark web monitoring and reporting
  • Vendor liaison – unlimited coordination and managing technology vendors including cloud, phone, broadband, line of business software and applications
  • Proactive maintenance of your computers, servers and network
  • Support and management of all network appliances such as wireless access points, routers and switches
  • Managed cloud and in-house IT infrastructure, servers, desktops, laptops, printers and mobile devices

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