Email Encryption Service

Who Else Can Read Your Emails Other Than Intended Recipients?

Unencrypted Emails Pose Huge Risk For Your Business And Email Communications In General

Email Encryption Service Best Way To Protect All Your Email Communications!

Email Encryption Service

How Does Email Encryption Work?

Email encryption, as explained above, is no more than scrambling up the contents of a message so that only those with a key can decrypt it. When you encrypt an email, you use the recipient’s public key to scramble the message.

There are many different types of email encryption but two main types of email encryption methods commonly used are S/MIME and PGP/MIME. 

The encrypted email for outlook and Gmail helps you to use your existing email programs to protect your emails.

When keeping emails protected can be this simple…Why complicate?

Email Encryption Service Pricing

The setup of Encrypted Email is included in all of our Managed IT Services. If you are not one of our Managed IT Services client and wish to deploy this service, there is a One Time Setup Fee and a monthly fee per mailbox

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One Time Setup Fee is waived for our Uninterrupted Managed IT Services clients. 

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Get Email Encryption Service For Your Business

  • Gain peace of mind by a strong layer of protection for sensitive customer information
  • Protect your business-critical email communications
  • Avoid costly penalties and brand damage
  • Prevent unauthorized parties from reading encrypted email and attachments
  • Encrypted documents can only be read by a recipient with access to a digital key that unlocks the content

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Protect All Your Email Communications With Email Encryption Service

While email can be a convenient way to communicate between friends, family and work, it can be a nightmare if a hacker get hold of your email when it contains confidential personal information or sensitive business-critical information. 

Well-publicized data breaches that we hear in news every day, have heightened awareness of the vulnerability of consumer data and fostered a growing array of protective measures in the form of federal and state legislation. Prominent regulatory responses such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, HITEC and NIST.

Regulations impact small and midsize businesses as well as large enterprises, and while market segments such as health care and financial services may be particularly regulated, few businesses escape the trend of protecting sensitive customer information or even their business-critical data. Any company that accepts credit cards or maintains employee data must be aware of compliance requirements.

The Risks and Costs are High

Not all data breaches are caused by malicious hackers or rogue employees. In many instances breaches result from the actions of honest employees who do not follow best practices for data protection. Perhaps they haven’t been adequately trained in data protection, or don’t have adequate tools, or perhaps, in trying to do more with less, they create a situation in which a laptop is lost or a home computer is compromised. However, for whatever the reason, the failure to protect customer information can be very costly. While federal and state penalties can be steep, perhaps even worse are the damage to one’s brand and the loss of customer confidence. “Damage control” can also be an expensive proposition, particularly for large enterprises, and then there is the likely burden of future data collection, reporting and regulatory scrutiny. No one wants these headaches.

So how can you protect yourself against this risk?

The solution is one more layer of protection to make your email messages unreadable to anyone other than intended recipients by encrypting your emails.  


What Is An Encrypted Email?

Not only is it a hassle, but you can also fall victim to fraud. Email encryption involves encrypting, or disguising, the content of email messages to protect potentially sensitive information from being exposed to anyone other than intended recipients. 

In another word an encrypted email will be essentially useless and unreadable to everyone except the intended recipients.


How Does An Encrypted Email Look Like?

Here is a normal email message:

Hi John,

I read your FTL report and wanted to discuss a few options with you. Will you be available on Wednesday 11th, 8:00 AM for a quick phone call?



After encryption it will look something like this:






Using the email encryption tool and policy, you can encrypt all attachments to your emails as well.

How Does Encrypted Email Benefit You?

Encrypted Email helps prevent identity theft and security breaches at your company by providing complete and efficient email protection. It eliminates the need for sender/recipient authentication by automatically encrypting all inbox-to-inbox communication through a hosted, secure network to more easily comply with industry regulations and safeguard your company’s sensitive information.


Policy-based Encryption
Centrally encrypt all company emails based on content, sender, and recipient for regulatory compliance. Emails can also be automatically encrypted if specific keywords are used in their subject lines, or if they are addressed to specific domains or addresses.


Transparent Encryption

Public encryption keys are automatically retrieved and distributed to enable transparent email encryption between all encryption customers. This requires no sender/recipient authentication and eliminates the need for you to build and maintain your encryption keys. No investment in additional hardware or third-party software is needed.


Additional Encryption Controls
Emails that are sent un-encrypted can be automatically encrypted, re-routed or blocked if they do not comply with your company’s encryption policy. This automatically reduces the risk of genuine user error as well as malicious user intent.


Unique, Multi-device Compatibility
As well as secure PC-to-PC encryption, Encrypted Email is also uniquely compatible with all email communications sent via BlackBerry and smartphones.


When keeping emails protected can be this simple…Why complicate?


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