Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services A Flexible & Cost-Effective, Scalable Managed Backup and Business Continuity Solution for Businesses of Any Size

Enterprise-Class Backup Solution At A Fraction of Costs

Cloud Backup Services – No more server data storage, maintenance and software upgrade costs!

Cloud Backup Services - Backup & Disaster Recovery + Business Continuity Solution

Cloud Backup Services – Backup & Disaster Recovery + Business Continuity Solution

Each organization’s technology and data protection needs are different. Bizconnectors Backup Cloud Services with optional Business Continuity Service enable you to customize a cloud configuration that’s the right fit for your data protection, business continuity plans, environments, and budgets.

Introducing business class cloud based backup solution that provides you with a dedicated secure backup system. We will setup, monitor and manage your backups for you.

What are included?

  • Offsite Virtualization
  • Hybrid Virtualization
  • Ransomware Detection
  • Bare Metal Restore

Get all the help technology has to offer to manage and grow your business

Managed Cloud Backup Service 

Having a solid backup solution for your data is vital to protecting your business critical data. However, ability to get 100% operational quickly after a disaster is another part of the equation. All servers, workstations and so on.

We provide world’s easiest to manage and most dependable business continuity and disaster recover solution available today. Our Backup and Business continuity solutions offer automated local backup for data protection and imaging of your servers and workstations for replication to secure cloud data center. Users can easily protect physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, our solution keeps businesses up and running to avoid costly downtime. In event of an outage, users can boot virtual machines directly from the local backup device or in the cloud, allowing businesses to return to operations quickly.

Cloud backup provides you with the cutting edge technologies and automation regardless of your data size

Take advantages of services that can be rapidly provisioned online! Now you can focus on your core business instead of spending your resources on backup setup and monitoring.

Getting started with your Managed Cloud Backup Solution is easy. Contact us for a free assessment. Immediately after we collect some basic information about your requirements and the data you need to backup, our consultants will then start working on setup your backup solution. Once your backup solution is setup and tested, we will start backing up your data / systems and manage it for you.

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What Are The Cloud Backup Services Benefits For My Business?

When the unexpected happens it’s critical to have a robust, well-tested Complete Business Continuity platform in place. Bizconnectors provides the opportunity to adopt a Cloud solution that guarantees our customers uptime in conjunction with a Backup Solution used by over thousands of organizations today.

Managed Cloud Backup Services + Business Continuity offers:

  • Security & availability: data is safe and always available
  • Customization: choose the service level based on your needs
  • One-Click Failover: with just one click, test or start site-wide failover process
  • Once setup, it will automatically backup all your selected data into the off premises multiple data centers.
  • Including the Business Continuity allows businesses return to operations quickly.
  • You data can easily be restored at any time.
  • Your data is secured and protected. Enterprise-level Security provides you with an unprecedented control over your data. You’ll enjoy AES-256 Encryption with a key that you create and control. Your data is safely encrypted before upload and while it’s stored – and you hold the only key.
  • You only pay for the resources you use; it means a monthly predictable flat fee for amount of storage you use.
  • Eliminate costs associated with all aspects of running your in-house backup solution.
  • Manage your costs without having the initial upfront investment required for an in-house backup software and hardware. 
  • No restrictions on what or how much you backup: Program files? Large media? System files? No problem. Your storage is truly unlimited and unrestricted. Our unique pay-as-you-go model ensures that you can never outgrow the service. You can also backup external drives, network drives, and NAS devices which are typically blocked by other backup services.
  • Backup laptops and desktops, network drive, sync, and web access to make it easier for your users to share their files virtually from anywhere.
  • For one low monthly fee we host and administrate your backup solution for you.
  • With Managed Hosted Backup Solution you can free up your IT team to focus on the business strategic tasks and remove any concerns you may have with limited resources.

It’s the perfect time to add a Robust Business Continuity and Backup Disaster Recovery to protect your data, IT and more importantly your company. Make Bizconnectors Business Continuity and Backup Cloud Services your solution of choice. If you haven’t yet considered the Bizconnectors Business Continuity, contact us and learn more.

Business Class Encrypted Backup Solution



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