Cloud Services: How to Stay Cutting Edge and Competitive with Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services: How to Stay Cutting Edge and Competitive with Cloud Solutions

You are a leader in your organization and you are considering a move to a cloud-based solution that fully or partly migrate your IT to the cloud – but where do you start? All the hype about cloud platforms and cloud computing can be confusing. Unless you have a degree in Computer Science, the technical jargon can be downright intimidating.

A modern successful company must sustain competitive advantage tactics that rely on multiple types of environment: Private, Public, Hybrid Clouds and owned IT environment. However, the different environment requires separate management, security, and support levels. Handling and securing all types of cloud environments entails choosing, buying, integrating, and managing all tools, procedures, and even recruit your own security department or a managed security service provider.

Nevertheless, more and more businesses in the modern world economic reality recognize the advantages of moving to cloud: Applications, Security and even their Infrastructure.

The explosive growth of the software as a service (SaaS) is one of the great stories of the modern world economy, and it has proven the tremendous power of the Internet as a transformative technology.

 A recent survey of small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) suggests that seventy-two percent expect to increase their use of cloud-based technology in the next three years.

From a business perspective the basic requirements when moving to a cloud solution, which also are challenging pressure points, are the ability to:

  • Protect data wherever it is
  • Enable more users in more locations
  • Reduce costs by using the secure cloud
  • Enable more devices

Cloud Computing offers many advantages that address these challenges if carefully planned.

As employee mobility demand and independence of desk phones are growing, a new approach to connectivity and communications systems is evolving towards adapting cost-effective cloud-based communications solutions. With the competitive advantage that cloud communications offer over premise-based communications systems, it is easier than ever to see the benefits at business operation level such as:

  • Employees stay productive by staying connected no matter where they are.
  • Employees can access their workstation (on the cloud) remotely
  • Effectively recruit top talent from anywhere without being tied to a physical location
  • Flexibility and quick scalability that is not possible with an on-site solution
  • Fewer maintenance costs of the core application and OS

Bizconnectors collaboration with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other cloud vendors, enables us to bring the best cloud applications, server hosting services, cloud database solutions to our clients. Our comprehensive cloud readiness assessment and preparation eliminates the complexity of choosing and planning for migration or adaptation of cloud solutions for organizations of any size.

Bizconnectors Managed Cloud Services provides assessment, migration, management, comprehensive customization and optimization to maximize cloud capabilities for your organization.

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