How investing in IT is the ultimate strategy to increase productivity?

How investing in IT is the ultimate strategy to increase productivity?

Outdated technology and in particular IT systems i.e. Servers, workstations, printers, network devices and backup systems costs small and midsize companies time and money. For any SMB business to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace there is a need for systems that can provide a reliable foundation that can empower its workforce to be innovative and consequently exceed its customers’ expectations. Building these systems, however, requires IT capacity and capability.

SMB companies lose 42 hours every year per employee because of the time spent on old computer repair!

SMB companies on average lose $2,520 every year on diminished productivity for every three older PCs kept in operation!

Image how much time is spent on fixing IT issues on decades-old infrastructure. These issues have already been eliminated and are fixed in newer technology such as a newer server, workstation and operating systems. How many of help-desk requests, system downtime, and IT fires related to some old-school PC, Server, Printer and network devices that really drain time and energy and are roadblocks to business productivity and efficiency. Upgrading IT is about not only refashioning business processes but also more about growth and bottom line. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that IT transformation will unleash SMB businesses’ greatest assets – their employees!

It seems as a core challenge for small or midsize companies with few IT resources in-house to plan for transforming their IT and to adopt emerging technologies. Existing IT resources are already dealing with too many help-desk requests related to problems with an aging system that are just too urgent to be queued for the business continuity aspect of the whole organization. However, time and energy availability for IT resources are essential for strategic planning of the IT transformation. This may involve researching, pricing, qualification and implementation of a new network, hardware and software. Another obstacle for the whole process is the affordability of the solutions. However, with many leasing options available from many hardware vendors companies can now afford enterprise-level solutions that are affordable for a small and midsize business.

Bizconnectors Managed IT Services offers an end-to-end solution that help organizations with need assessment, identifying the best hardware and software, implementation plans and deployment of the whole solution. With provided proactive and preventative monitoring service get ahead of any potential problems before they occur.

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