No Training Needed Email Encryption

No Training Needed Email Encryption

No Training Needed Email Encryption Did you know that hackers can intercept any email communication and read your email unless your email is encrypted?Get this solution, ask questions, or simply speak to us >>With the growing number of people who are working from anywhere these days, it has never been a riskier time for your organization in terms of emails that could potentially become...
Secure cloud-based Email Archiving Solution

Secure Cloud-based Email Archiving

Secure Cloud-based Email Archiving Solution To securely store your business' emails to safeguard your business against data loss and to comply with legal requirements!The average email user sends and receives about 110 emails daily.Get Your Email Archiving Solution Quote Today! Have a Conversation With Us Today! All your emails are securely stored in ISO-certified data centers.There are many...
Can Your Email Be Hijacked? -Email Security Solution

Can Your Email Be Hijacked?

Can Your Email Be Hijacked? Is Your Email Spreading Spam? Are You Getting Tons Of Emails Reporting Failed Delivery To Emails Addresses Unknown To You? If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then sorry to inform you that: Your Email Has Been Hijacked!  Have you ever opened up your email program and find out that there are so many emails sent from email addresses like:...


CONSIDER ALL EMAILS AS PHISHING ATTEMPTS Which One Is Easier To Spot, A Phishing Email Or A Legit Email? As part of building a solid and safer security stack in today’s constant ransomware and cybersecurity attacks landscape, we need to build a more restrictive security strategy and policies.On that end, we recommend changing your strategy when it comes to emails by considering all emails as...
Email Backup, Archiving & Retention & eDiscovery

Email Backup and Archiving Solution

Email Backup, Archiving, Retention & eDiscovery Close The Data Protection Gaps In Office 365 And Gmail & Be Prepared For A Compliance Audit Looking For An Email Backup, Archiving & Retention Solution That Supports eDiscovery? What is eDiscovery? Electronic discovery or eDiscovery is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information...
Stop Phishing Emails - Protect Your Business

Stop Phishing Emails

Stop Phishing Emails - Protect Your Business Did You Know?There are 2.2 Million phishing websites today (up %28 YoY)Microsoft is The Most Spoofed BrandThere are 1.7K high-risk Coronavirus-themed domain names created each dayA recent survey shows that 86.2% of all organizations have been hit by a phishing attackThe average cyber breach costs companies $3.9 million and takes more than 270 days to...

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