Email Backup, Archiving & Retention & eDiscovery

Email Backup and Archiving Solution

Email Backup, Archiving, Retention & eDiscovery Close The Data Protection Gaps In Office 365 And Gmail & Be Prepared For A Compliance Audit Looking For An Email Backup, Archiving & Retention Solution That Supports eDiscovery? What is eDiscovery? Electronic discovery or eDiscovery is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information...
Stop Phishing Emails - Protect Your Business

Stop Phishing Emails

Stop Phishing Emails - Protect Your Business Did You Know?There are 2.2 Million phishing websites today (up %28 YoY)Microsoft is The Most Spoofed BrandThere are 1.7K high-risk Coronavirus-themed domain names created each dayA recent survey shows that 86.2% of all organizations have been hit by a phishing attackThe average cyber breach costs companies $3.9 million and takes more than 270 days to...

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