Email Encryption Solution
(No Training Needed)

No Training Needed Email Encryption

Did you know that hackers can intercept any email communication and read your emails unless your emails are encrypted?

With the growing number of hackers who are looking to steal data to use it in their ransomware attacks these days, it has never been a riskier time for your important emails to potentially become compromised.

What if you could easily eliminate this risk? Well now you can and the solution is to encrypt your emails! An encrypted email ensures that your email is unreadable to anyone other than the intended recipients.  

However, users get frustrated about how difficult it is to encrypt and decrypt an email. Most email encryption solutions out there are so difficult to use that require a computer science degree to be able to use them.

There is an easier way. It has never been easier to use Easy-to-Use Email Encryption which allows you to encrypt any email anytime, anywhere on any device you need to:

No more worrying about the learning curve for your employees, because using our powerful Email Encryption Solution is so easy that no training would be needed!

Key Benefits:

  • Gain peace of mind
  • Safeguard your mission-critical emails
  • Ready for use from day 1 with no training
  • Nothing to install
  • Encrypt any email anytime on the fly
  • Easy to use email encryption with no plugins or apps
  • Holds up to compliance standards like HIPAA
  • Use it on any device and platform: Windows, Mac, Android
  • Ultra-secure data encryption using AES-256 standards and geographically distributed keys
  • You keep your personal data keys
  • Patented Email Encryption Tool

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