Why a data backup solution alone is not enough

Why a data backup solution alone is not enough?

Importance of Backup

No need for convincing you that your business is profitable only if it is operational. But what if all or part of systems that your business operations heavily rely on are down? Well, the short answer is that you will lose money! And for how long? As long as these systems are down!!

Depending on your industry and business, your tolerance for not being operational varies. However, the fact remains it costs money to be down for any business of any size! Backup is a great way to protect your business-critical data, but it cannot guarantee business operations after your business hit by a disaster. Its ability to bring your business to operate after an outage or disaster entirely depends on the ability to restore quickly all systems and data. 

Therefore, while data backup is essential for protecting your business, it is not enough to keep your business running in an event of outage! After all, investing all that money on a back system should also save you from downtime!

Ransomware Story 

Just imagine this scenario: It is Monday morning! You walk into your office and see a weird message on your computer screen: 

All your important files are encrypted! Pay $2,000 to get the decryption key!!!

No matter what you do or click on, you cannot get rid of this message on the screen… Your computer is suspended and is useless now! The bad news is that everyone else in the office has the same issue!

Yes, you became a victim of ransomware!

You remember that you have a backup of all your data, so you should be safe. But wait, are you really?

How soon can your business be operational again? To find out, you call your service provider to fix this issue for you. They inspect your systems and estimate that it will take at least 2 weeks to setup, re-install OS, configure all systems and restore your data!

What will happen to your business during this downtime? More importantly, what will happen to your customers who are expecting your services and products you scheduled for delivery in a few days?

You realize now that recovering quickly after an outage is just as crucial as having a solid data backup system in place.

What is the Solution?

Business continuity is effectively and increasingly become an important part of any Backup & Disaster Recovery plan and therefore it must meet this demand.

Bizconnectors Total Managed Backup Solutions for businesses of any size designed to address business continuity as well as data protection. Our end-to-end solution offers automated local backup for data protection and replication to the secure cloud.  Additionally, users can easily protect physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, the solution keeps businesses up and running to avoid costly downtime. In the event of an outage, users can boot virtual machines directly from the local backup device or in the cloud, allowing your business to return to operations quickly.

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