Protect your mobile and work-from-home users simply by installing an app

Protect Your Mobile And Work-from-home Users

If not permanently, work from home is here to stay in some form for a long time! It offers freedom, cost savings and flexibility to employees and companies of all sizes.

The shift to hybrid work increases flexibility and productivity but also raises security concerns, due to accessing the company data by the variety of devices from outside.

Mobile work led businesses of all shapes and sizes to seek new and more efficient ways to secure employee devices. At the same time, work-from-home raises security concerns for organizations that need to provide security and protection for all users regardless of their location and the endpoints.

At the office, users are protected by the company’s security measures like firewalls and security policies that are already deployed and in place. Remote users accessing the office network using their devices could increase the risk of penetration from outside. 

Secure Internet Gateway provides a new and easy way to protect users’ remote devices with all the in-depth security layers you’ll ever need with 125,000 updates daily to over 150 data centers.

This cloud-based and cost-effective solution protects all remote users regardless of their device and location that at the same time addresses security challenges associated with remote users.


  • Deploys quickly & minimal cost
  • Helps to improve security & reduces business risk
  • Provides uniform protection for office, remote, & mobile users
  • Enables more rapid adoption of cloud & mobility
  • Simplifies management of your network & security posture
  • Centralizes policy management & reporting
  • Blocks access to high-risk and malicious websites and applications
  • Enforces compliance policies and regulations
  • Provides protection for remote workers by enforcing security policies, while enabling them to stay connected wherever they may be
  • Real-time visibility, and drill down to a per-user overview to correlate events and remediate threats

This cloud-based solution:

  • Lets you break free from expensive hardware security appliances, hardware maintenance upgrades, complex management, and the associated costs of backhauling traffic to and from remote offices.
  • Provides total protection for all users with always-on, cloud-based internet security that pulls data from over 60 threat feeds, processes more than 65 billion transactions per day, and pushes out 125,000 updates daily to over 150 data centers and counting.
  • Protects your mobile and work-from-home users simply by installing an app that is compatible with all operating systems.
  • Is scalable on demand. Unlike security appliances, it automatically scales to your bandwidth and capacity requirements.
  • Provides a full security stack with all the in-depth security layers you’ll ever need. Offered as a service from the world’s largest security cloud, SIG provides fast and deep packet inspection across all ports and protocols – including SSL encrypted traffic.

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