Is your website driving away your potential customers? 

Here are some commonly known reasons why:

But first, let’s explore how a website can deter people. Chances are, you’ve encountered this yourself numerous times when browsing various websites. The likely reasons were one or more of the following: a poor user experience, confusing navigation, slow loading speed, the absence of commonly expected features, non-responsive design on mobile devices, outdated technology, stale content, cluttered or outdated design, lack of security measures, and most importantly, a missing or obscured clear message about how your company can assist website visitors.

The final point mentioned relates to the development of your marketing message, but it’s also an integral part of the content structure design.

Your Business is Judged by Your Website

According to a recent survey, 78% of individuals admit to evaluating a business based on its website design.

Your website serves as your online marketing resource, operating 24/7. Its purpose is to shape your audience’s perception of your company, your services, your products, and, most importantly, why you outshine thousands of other companies in the same industry or region (all just a click away). If you sell services or products online, your website also functions as your sales resource, playing an increasingly vital role in driving your sales and overall business growth.

Two decades ago, the question was whether your business needed an online presence or not. Once you decided to establish that presence and launched your website, you could consider your business among the successful modern companies with an online foothold! However, those days are long gone. In recent years, the question has evolved to focus on how your audience perceives your online presence in terms of user experience, valuable content, appealing design, and effectiveness.

Having an outdated website can result in the loss of potential customers and revenue.

Maintaining an old and outdated website poses significant business risks.

When visitors encounter an outdated website that was designed a decade ago and runs on obsolete technology, they may think:

They haven’t updated their content or design in a long time. Perhaps this business is struggling.”


I can’t read any content on this website using my phone. Are these people still in business?”

Don’t let an outdated and poorly designed website represent your business; it will harm your company. In today’s market, your website should be one of your primary marketing communication channels, helping you establish credibility.

Research indicates that nearly 50% of people consider website design as the top factor influencing credibility.

Regarding contemporary website design standards, most people expect certain elements on a website: mobile responsiveness, a rich user experience with smooth navigation, up-to-date and fresh blog posts, product reviews, press releases, integration with social media, information about events and new product releases, and an easily accessible customer support or contact option.

Outdated and Poorly Crafted Content Reduces Credibility

If your website uses outdated technologies that are no longer supported by modern browsers or appears unreadable on mobile devices, it creates the perception that your company is technologically inept (whether true or not).

Over one-third of people will leave a business due to a poorly designed website

Another aspect of today’s digital landscape is that visitors expect to access and browse a website on any device of their choice: desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. Currently, the number of users accessing content through mobile devices has surpassed those using desktop computers.

Prioritize Security

Security is crucial for everyone! With the increasing number of security breaches affecting both large and small companies, people are becoming more vigilant about the security of their interactions with the websites they visit. Visitors consider a website insecure or risky based on one prominent factor: a valid SSL certificate to encrypt the communication (https). Does the website have an SSL certificate? Is it outdated or expired? This issue often raises concerns about

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