Is your website scaring your prospects away? Here are the reasons

Is your website scaring your prospects away? Here are the reasons.

But first, how does a website scare people away?

Well, I am sure that you have experienced this yourself many times when looked at some of the websites out there. I bet that the reason was one or more of the following: bad user experience, horrible navigation, slow and poor loading speed, missing common loved features, not responsive on mobile devices, old technology, old content, clutter or old design, no security and more importantly missing or hidden clear message about:


The last item relates to your marketing message development, but it is also part of the content structure design.

“Visitors Judge Your Business by Your Website”

A recent survey shows that 75% of people admit that they judge a business based on their website design.

Your website is your online marketing resource that works 247. Its goal is to build a perception of your company in the mind of your audience about who you are, your services and products and more importantly, why you are better than thousands of other companies in the same industry or region out there (who are just one click away). If you are selling services or products online, your website is also your sales resource that is effective and increasingly become vital to your sales and ultimately to your business growth.

Two decades ago, the question was whether your business needs a web presence or not. Once you decided to have a web presence and launched your website, you could consider your business among the elite successful modern companies that had a web presence!  Those days are long gone and over the past few years, the question has evolved into how your audience perceives your online presence in terms of their user experience, useful content, appealing design and effective to them.

Poorly Designed Website Can Cost You New Customers

There are high business risks associated with having an old and outdated website.

Looking at an outdated website that designed a decade ago and runs on an old technology makes your visitors, potential customers and prospects think:

“It doesn’t look like they’ve touched their content or design in a long time. Maybe the business is slow for these people.”


“I cannot read any content on this website on my phone. Are these people still in business?”

Don’t let an outdated bad website represent your business; it will and it is hurting your company. In today’s market, your website must be one of your main marketing communication channel that should help you build credibility.

Research shows that almost 50% of people say website design is the number one perceptive credibility.

In terms of today’s website common design standards, most people expect many elements on a website: Responsive on mobile devices, rich user experience and site navigation, updated and fresh new blogs, product reviews, press releases, social media, events and new product releases and an easy way to get customer support or come in contact with the company.

Poorly Designed and Outdated Content Decrease Your Credibility

If your website using the old technologies that no longer is supported by new browsers or looks unreadable on mobile devices, it would create a perception that your company faces similar technology incompetence (whether it is true or not).

Over 1/3 of people walk away from a business with a poorly designed website

Another aspect of today’s digital information landscape is that the visitors expect to view and browse a website on any device they choose: desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. Today, the number of users accessing content through their mobile devices has surpassed those who use a desktop.

Take Security Seriously

Security is important for everyone! With all security breaches from the big and small companies, people paying more and more attention to how secure is their communication with a website they visit. Visitors consider a website insecure or risky based on the single most known element, which is the valid SSL certificate to encrypt the http communication (https). Does the website use a SSL certificate? has it an outdated expired SSL certificate? This issue often raises the question: can these people keep my data and communication safe and secure.

What is the solution and roadmap to build a modern website?

So how does your website live up with current modern design standards, requirements and best practices?

First, proactively start by getting rid of the outdated content and features. Next, reinvent and redesign your website by using current technologies, making it mobile friendly and keep adding fresh new content regularly. When all these steps are done right, you will notice an improvement in your web traffic, conversion rates and sales.

Modern Website Makeover & Redesign

If this post makes sense and you are planning to create a new modern website or if you want to improve, redesign, reinvent or upgrade your existing website and if you’re interested in finding out more, Bizconnectors is here to help. Give us a call at 866-745-0980.

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