Key Benefits Of Next-gen Firewall

Key Benefits Of Next-gen Firewall

Why Do We Need Firewall Protection?

The short answer is that we need continuous protection against evolving and complex continuous cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks and attackers are evolving FAST and therefore it really comes down to answering two critically important questions:

  1. What is your strategy to protect your mission-critical data and systems in your organization?
  2. How stay ahead of this trend while protecting your mission-critical assets i.e. data and resources?

 A simple answer is to reduce risks at all layers of infrastructure, systems, policies, and people. A firewall is an important layer of security that significantly reduces the risk of network, data and resource access from outside. 

A traditional modern router comes with a simple firewall that is unable to continuously protect a network for one simple reason: unlike a Firewall device basic routers do not come with continuously updated security services. Just like an advanced anti-virus program firewall security services are updated around the clock to cope with new threads.

In addition, a firewall that comes with a router does not provide the level of control and customization that is available in a firewall.


Router-based firewalls are typically built into routers and are designed to provide basic security features but may not provide as much control or customization as a firewall appliance.

Firewall appliances are standalone devices that are specifically designed to provide advanced security features for networks of all sizes. They can be more complex to set up and manage than router-based firewalls, but they offer more control and customization options. For example, they often provide more granular control over network traffic, advanced threat protection, and the ability to integrate with other security solutions.

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Here are the Key Benefits:

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) provide advanced features and capabilities that traditional firewalls do not have. Some key benefits of deploying a next-gen firewall include:

  1. Advanced threat protection: NGFWs can provide advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities, such as intrusion prevention, malware protection, and sandboxing, to help protect against sophisticated cyber attacks.
  2. Application control: NGFWs can inspect and control network traffic based on the specific application or service being used, allowing for more granular control over network access and security.
  3. Deep packet inspection: NGFWs can perform deep packet inspection (DPI) to examine the contents of network packets at a deeper level, which can help to detect and prevent malicious traffic.
  4. User and device identification: NGFWs can identify and authenticate users and devices on the network, allowing for more granular control over network access and security.
  5. Integrated security services: NGFWs often include other security services, such as VPN, anti-spam and anti-malware, and web filtering, which can help to provide a more comprehensive security solution.
  6. Advanced reporting and analytics: NGFWs typically include advanced reporting and analytics features, which can help organizations to better understand their network traffic and identify potential security threats.

Bizconnectors can help you to obtain, configure and maintain a Next-gen firewall to protect your entire organization.

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