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Looking For A “Work From Home” Strategy For Your Employees?

CORONAVIRUS and WORK FROM HOME STRATEGY: Remote Access Solution For Setting Up A Work From Home Or Remote Network Access System For Your Staff

Your Office Is Where You Are

Recent natural disasters and news of the Coronavirus have made the ability to work remotely particularly important and many businesses are looking to build strategies, policies and systems to keep their employees and their business productive and safe during this outbreak and also during any natural disaster. 

In most organizations, there are employees who can easily perform their jobs from outside the company’s facilities. All they need is a system that allows them to access their PC at work remotely. Using this system enables them to work from their home or practically from anywhere!

Despite what most people think, what we have found is that the employees working from home, actually work more!

How Does It Work?

We can configure and setup a secure connection to the company’s network for the employees that you select to work from home. They will be able to securely connect to their PC at work from their home and work as if they were in front of their PC at work.

The best part is that this is a secure connection that does not cost you a monthly subscription fee. Once it is set up and configured it can be used at any time any where at no additional costs.

Not only this is a very viable strategy for many organizations at the moment, but it can also be utilized during natural disasters, or even be adapted permanently to increase productivity and cut costs.

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