How much does a system downtime cost your business?

How much does a system downtime cost your business?

Do you know how much does a system downtime cost your business? More specifically, how much money you need to spend to keep your business productive and how a system downtime will affect your overall business productivity? The effect of an outage on productivity depends entirely on your business type and industry and the level of computer usage in order to achieve optimal productivity. 

An internet based company that sells its products and services through a website is 100% dependent on its computer systems while being productive in a small restaurant is less sensitive to its computer systems.

Another aspect to consider is the number of employees that are affected by an outage or system downtime. Some employees cannot perform their tasks without accessing their computer systems while the productivity of other employees is completely independent of computers.

The costs can be anywhere from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your business size. In general, the cost of downtime is calculated as follows:

outage cost = (downtime hours) X (cost per hour of downtime)

Most system failure and system downtime can be prevented by monitoring and inspection to identify issues before they happen.

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