Hybrid Workforce Security

Hybrid Workforce Security

79% of HR professionals say flexible schedules and remote working are effective ways to retain workers!

Secure Hybrid Workforce Key Benefits

There are many benefits to adopting a hybrid workforce for an organization that includes, but are not limited to: 

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Better work/life balance
  • Measure employees’ productivity based on results and not based on time spent at work
  • Less commuting time and in some cases eliminating it. This is a huge deal in metropolitan areas
  • Reducing expenses
  • Feeling a higher comfort level for employees in their own home and environment
  • Employees can design their own workflow
  • More flexibility in time management
  • Fewer distractions and interruptions if the work environment at home is designed properly
  • Increased productivity
  • Maybe minimal or no office circulating rumors
  • Leverage mature and available tools and technologies

Working from anywhere environment is popular more than ever, but employers need to cover the security aspect of work from anywhere to make sure that their remote access is secure and safe. In other words, building and maintaining your secure environment at the office alone is no longer enough to keep your data and systems and business environment secure.

The VPN connection that employees use to connect to the corporate network opens up a hole into your network from the outside that with no proper security measures and configuration makes it very dangerous.

But developing a hybrid workforce strategy without adding security measures and policies in place increases the risk of ransomware and breaches for your entire organization! So the question is:

How to make the hybrid work environment secure?

There are arrays of security measures that need to be in place for all remote workers to make the hybrid work environment more secure. Some of the most common are: 

  • Deployment of security measures such as 2FA for email, VPN, and cloud services
  • Developing security policies for remote access and work from home 
  • Monitoring network activities
  • Deploying access control and management for resources such as files, folders, servers, and other systems 
  • Employees training
  • Management and protection of all out-of-office endpoints i.e. laptops and desktops 
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