IT & Technology Purchasing Service

IT & Technology Purchasing Service

Do You Need To Purchase A Technology Or IT Product, But Don’t Know Which One?

What is IT & Technology Purchasing Service?

This service is a convenient professional purchasing service that you can use as your trusted resource for all of your IT & technology purchases. Use our technology and IT product knowledge and experience to your advantage and purchase the right product for your business!


Why should you use this service before purchasing any IT or Technology products & Services?

There are thousands of vendors and brands or manufacturers for the hardware and software products you need for your business, not to mention the various models and types within each product category. The amount time you need to put into researching for finding the best product could be overwhelming. What are the most important questions that you need to ask and find answers to such as compatibility with your existing environment,  price, support quality and availability, warranty types, and so on.


We have purchased and installed thousands of products for our clients in various product categories ranging from computer, laptop and servers to software packages and worked with hundreds of vendors and brands over the last 20 years. Therefore we have gained lots of experience for each product category, quality and its vendors and brands.


Bizconnectors Technology Purchasing Service

Finding the right product has never been easier and more cost-effective with Bizconnectors IT & Technology Purchasing Service.


  • Focus on what you need – we research and find the best product that best fits your need
  • We recommend which product, you decide where to purchase it from
  • We find the best vendor, brand, or manufacturer for the product
  • We handle the warranty and return processing for you if needed

How much is the service fee?

The service fee depends on the amount of work required to find the right product. So contact us and tell us what you are looking for and tell us a bit about your existing environment to find out about our service fees. 

Bizconnectors Technology Purchasing Service is included with all our Managed IT Services

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