Patch Management – Reduce System Vulnerabilities

Patch Management – Remove System Vulnerabilities

56.3% Of Data Breaches  Result From Poor Patch Management

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What is Patch Management and How Can It Help My Business?

Patch management is about keeping your system, operating systems and software up to date by installing the latest security and application updates. Despite the risks associated with insufficient
patching, it’s common for many organizations to forget or neglect it leaving themselves vulnerable to security breaches. In fact, 106 days is the average time it takes to patch a flaw and 56.3% of data breaches are attributed to poor Patch Management.

Have you seen one of these:

Windows Update

Most software comes with automatic updates that keep your systems up-to-date. However, automatic updates are not without their problems! Most people ask:

  • Are these patches going to affect my system’s performance and existing configuration? Even worst do these updates change my existing system and configurations?
  • Will they cause my machines to crash or run slow?
  • Will they conflict and be incompatible with my hardware and other applications?
  • How long does it take to install and does it require a restart after installation?
  • How do I make sure that these updates are truly tested and not creating new sets of vulnerabilities?

These are simple questions with complex answers. Patch Management takes the complexity out of equation for you.

It is included in all of our Managed IT Services, where we take care of keeping your systems safely up-to-date!

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