ThinkPoint is a FAKE Anti-virus Program

ThinkPoint is a FAKE Anti-virus Program

What is ThinkPoint?  A Fake Anti-virus Program

ThinkPoint is a FAKE antivirus program that uses many tricks to get installed on your computer. It can present itself as an “antivirus” program that needs to be installed to protect your computer.

These tricks usually involve displaying deceptive pop-up ads, which look like buttons reading Yes and No that may appear as regular Windows notifications or even as Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts. These alerts inform you that ThinkPoint needs to be installed to remove some Viruses, Spyware or Trojan and Malware from your computer. In Microsoft Security Essentials Alert case, it shows you an alert that Microsoft Security Essentials was unable to remove a Trojan from your system and it needs the trial version of a program called ThinkPoint to get rid of that Trojan.

After installation and fake scan of your system, it even tries to convince you that you now need to purchase the ThinkPoint heuristic version to completely restore your windows system files!

Important to know is that ThinkPoint is a Spyware and is unable to detect or rid of parasites nor will protect you from any future threats. It installs on your computer through a Trojan and may infect your system without your knowledge or consent. It can also come bundled with shareware or other downloadable software. ThinkPoint introduces changes into system settings to open up your computer system for hackers and to run automatically blocking user’s commands aimed at interrupting the malware.

You need to remove ThinkPoint from your computer as quickly as possible!

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