24/7 Cyber Attacks Require 24/7 Cybersecurity Guard & Protection

Evolving Cyber Attacks Require 24/7 Cybersecurity Guard & Protection

57% of small businesses have experienced an attack in the past year! 46% of small businesses did not participate in the survey and avoided reporting any breach!

Just because your systems are running does not mean they are not infected with backdoors for hackers!

A breach is costly in terms of money, time and reputation. Preparing your business BEFORE a breach happens is the logical course of action.

Advanced Managed Security Service Benefits

  • On-going vulnerability scan and audit
  • On-going vulnerability risk mitigation & remediation
  • Multi-layer security and proactive protection
  • Automatic vulnerabilities detection and action-oriented insight
  • Advanced threats monitoring
  • Rapid incident response & event investigation
  • Fast response times
  • Frees in-house IT for daily value-driven work
  • Reducing the cost of labor for managing cybersecurity solutions
  • Access to unique expertise and tools
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) & Log Management Insights

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