Slow Computer and Slow Internet

Slow Computer and Slow Internet

Slow Computer and Slow Internet in many businesses cost them dearly. Computer performance is largely influenced by its hardware configuration such as the processor and amount of memory installed on it. However, there are a series of issues that can bring a computer performance noticeably down, even for a well hardware equipped computer.  Do you remember how fast and responsive your computer was when you just got your computer? How and why did your computer get slower and slower? Why does it take so long to view a web page and browse a website? Read here about the reasons that made your computer and Internet slow and steps you can take to fix your slow computer and Internet problems.

When you unpacked and setup your laptop or computer on your table, plugged the power cord and pushed the on/off switch for the first time, and the windows started, you thought that you are all set and ready to use your new computer, right? WRONG!
New computers come with pre-installed operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA or Windows 7. Since the manufacturer usually installs the operating system, they make sure that all hardware drivers are installed and functioning correctly. However, since the installation date, there have been a series of updates for the operating system and the manufacturer driver software that are running on your computer or laptop. These updates (called service packs and patches or simply updates) resolve software issues, increase security and fix hardware driver issues that improve performance and security on your computer or laptop. These updates have been out since the date the operating system and computer manufacturer driver software were released or installed on your computer.
So you start using your new computer and connect it to your modem or network and hey you can browse the YouTube now to see your favorite videos and enjoy the quality of audio and video on your computer. You setup your email client and everything seems to work just fine and you are happy with your new purchase of this amazing device.

But things change and you start receiving emails about Viagra or Get Rich Fast or your bank account has been suspended. You click on one of the links from these emails and something happens on the screen but it goes away shortly after and you can see that you are directed to a porn website or something like that. You close that page and continue working. A couple of days later, there is a pop-up that informs you that your computer is at risk and encourages you to click on its link to solve this problem. You click on that link and maybe enter some information and it says you need to install this piece of software to protect your PC and repair damages to files on your PC. And you just follow the instructions and the software is installed on your computer.
Now your browser is directing you to a search help site that you have no idea how and why you got there. Some of your programs are acting weird and do not respond as they used to…

Yes, my friend your computer is INFECTED.To prevent these kinds of threats and improve your computer or laptop security and performance click: 10 Steps to Increase Computer Performance and Security

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